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Terry Green:
There was only one run of these hardback books made, so these are rare.

If you never got the chance to be in camp with Charlie you really missed out on a gentle giant of  bowhunting. His humor was rare but explosive. He also is featured on The Bowhuntes of Tradgang DVD and Digital format storytelling with Tom Mussatto.

I was overwhelmingly honored when Charlie asked me to write the forward for his book.

All of his acknowledgments are Tradgang Members as they were the ones that spurred him on to write this book.

He has also been a great moderator here since day one.

He donated several years ago to auction off for St Jude so don't worry, this one isn't mine.  :nono:

Here's your shot at meeting Charlie in your mind.....

Terry Green:
AND !!!!!

Who ever wins this item will also receive a Story Time mug to go with it. That way you can enjoy your beverage of choice along with your reading.

How's that?

Terry Green:

I'm throwing in The Bowhunters of Tragang DVD.  That way you will get to hear Charlie's voice before you start your reading.  That will add another dimension to your reading pleasure.

The voice of a story teller....


Kodiak Fan:


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