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What do you do with your outdoor photos?


Hi all-
I am curious what y'all do with your entire history of photos, including those ranging back to the beginning of your outdoor photography life.
I had thousands of pictures ranging from Polaroids in the early 70s to iPhone photos from my kayak turkey hunting/camping trip yesterday. Those pictures were stashed in 5 or 6 closets, a filing cabinet, and the basement. I had felt guilty long enough and finally dug every picture out from every closet, cd, computer, and my phone.

I keep my good ones in photo albums. There are several albums that I have filled. It’s not just kill pics but all sort of wildlife and scenery pics as well.  I also have several boxes filled of 4 x 6 prints. I occasionally shoot one good enough to enlarge and frame it too.  :bigsmyl:

I arrange all my wildlife photography by month and year.  For the printed this may sound crazy but it turns out really nice... I photograph the printed image on a cloudy day with my dslr to digitize the photo.  Good luck.


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