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Rob DiStefano:
The following symbols allows us to quickly find certain items of likeness while moving them to one of the 4 bid forums. 

We can quickly look down the list and see what forum the last bow, set of arrows, or cookies went, so I can properly place the newest item in a separate forum.  This keeps each forums pretty equal.

It may also help you in finding certain items.   And, if you would like to code yours upon listing, that would be great...just follow the legend below....if not, we'll edit it for you upon moving it.

      = Hunt ("archer")

          = Bows ("blue thumb")

          = Arrows ("say what?")

          = Food/Cookies ("coffee")

          = Knife/Cutlery ("shocked")

          = Cloths/Apparel ("wavey")

          = Quiver ("jumper")

          = Media/Books/Videos ("no no")

          = All Other Items ("read it")


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