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" Many aspire, but few are chosen. A person becomes a Legend when the strength of his character causes a whole movement to become better and stronger until it rises to a higher philosophical plain. "  

Glenn St Charles ... Founder of the Pope and Young Club was such a person


The Man, The Legend, a poem written by Diane Miller of the Archery Hall of Fame honoring Glenn when he passed away in September of 2010.


Dick Bolding, Keith " Clem " Clemmons, and Glenn St Charles ... Little Delta 1957


Glenn admiring Fred's ram, Little Delta 1958


High spike camp … pioneering the Little Delta in 1957


Getting arrows ready to hunt

All that scouting pays off … the entire 1958 hunting group, a very hardy and adventurous bunch


Little Delta 1959 … Fred Bear, Dick Bolding, Bob Kelly, Russ Wright, and Glenn St Charles … I have one of Glenn's arrows from that hunt


Glenn in 1940 ....  " The days when hunters looked like people, acted like people, and smelled like people "


Glenn also knew how to fish ... McKay Lake, Northwest Territories 1993 while on a Caribou hunt


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