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Finally, not skunked in 2012

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It has not been a good hunting year for me. Took a job in SC, and joined a hunt club down there. Its a dog hunting club and that's not my thing. It does have pigs on it and I will be chasing them the rest of the year though.
Went to NY in Nov and hunted with buddy. Missed 2 deer and made a bad hit on a 6 point that my buddy actually shot a couple days later.
I went back to NC over the holidays and hunted land that has been good to me. Left the house as the sun was coming up. Jumped a deer as soon as I entered the woods. It did not run to far from what I heard so I went another 50 yds and sat down. About 5 minutes later he walked right by me. As someone else said recently "I am deadly at 5 yards !" Not the biggest deer in the woods but the way my season has gone I will take him.
I used my green stripe bear, 50# limbs. I did use a string tracker on this guy but did not need it as the 2" Simmons ripped a nice hole. He only went about 50 yards



Congrats Mark !

Way to go!




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