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First Longbow Bull Elk

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Southwest Montana, staked out a prairie spring, sat in old Indian hunting pit  

[Tried to size pics down--hope I did it right.]

. About 15 yards with a 45# Savannah (my draw is 29.5"), Grizzly single-bevel BHs + 150-gr Woodywt (lots of FOC), cedar arrows. Walked 200-yards through sagebrush, fell over dead. Here's the arrow, ivories, and a jasper flake from the pit:

Anointed Archer:
very nice


That's cool. Congrats

Mike Hames:
Congratulations on the elk. That is a great accomplishment with a bow and wood arrow. Lots of waiting and hoping. Been there, done that.
Very nice rack. Glad you scored.
Where do you get the Woodywts for wood arrows?
I make my cane and wood very heavy.



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