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Well, I got to go hunting for a few days this week and faired pretty well. The first afternoon I had a nice buck come in real early, only to get run off by a ranch rat (javelina). That was a fatal mistake by the ranch rat! Here is the pic:


After I shot the javi, I waited and only saw one little nubbin' buck for the rest of the afternoon. Then at about 5:45pm I catch some movement under me and there he is; the nice 9 point that the javi had run off earlier. He walked right into my hand thrown corn like it was scripted, and stopped quarterewd away at about 10yds. I let another arrow go and about 100yrds later, here is what I found:



The next day was uneventfuland no shots were taken. On the third afternoon I broke out my #2 longbow which is a twin of my go-to bow. I had not taken any animals with this bow and was eager to get her christened. Right before dark, a pack of pigs came into the feeder. There were about 20 pigs and it was real hard to tell where one pig ended and the next one began. I thought I was not going to get a shot before it got too dark when one of the little one busts out of the pack right in front of me at about 9yds. I let the arrow fly and now my #2 longbow is experienced in the field. Here is a few pics of the little boar:



It was pretty good way to end the year and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!


buzzcut 125:
Good shootin!

must be a real special place bisch! lotsa critter got thier pic taken on that deadfall. thats a very handsome 9 point ya got there glad tyo see you got a second chance at him. the javies must have short tempers. to bad that javie's temper got him put on the dinner plate haha. you have had one great season bisch congrats to ya. ruddy

pj starrett:
good job buddy

i'm glad the pigs and javis let you alone long enough to kill a deer!  i love your tree frame for the pictures!    :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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