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First coyote with longbow

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buzzcut 125:

Had a bowhunters dream day yesterday evening, to start of the day this yote strolled in and gave me a 10 yrd shot. soon after a group of doe came in and feed under me for 15 min (to bad we can't shoot does all season). Then the does spooked and about 60 head of hogs came in they didn't come to the feeder for some reason but they will mess up soon and i'll post pics of that hunt! I shoot a 60" 45# @28" Renegade Spirit II. I am hooked on this traditional hunting i killed my first deer 2 weeks ago (sorry no pic) it was a 3 point but it was by far the most excited i have been over any animal i've taken.

Jesse Minish:
Congrats! A coyote with a bow is a fine trophy.

Chris O:
Congrats and welcome to the forum!

Well done,congrats.

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