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*** CUSTOM AVATARS - and how to resize your own ***

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Rob DiStefano:
If you wish to have a custom avatar added to your profile so that it will show on all of your posts, please submit A PROPERLY SIZED IMAGE along with YOUR TRAD GANG MEMBER NUMBER to

PLEASE NOTE: you must have already sized your custom avatar to no larger than 100x100 - WE SIMPLY CAN NO LONGER PERFORM ANY CUSTOM AVATAR IMAGE EDITING.

If you submit an image larger than 100x100 it will NOT be added to your profile.



First, choose an image that will look good when resized small - this is important!  Use any image editor you like - Windows has one already built it, find it in your Accessories folder.

Here's a good image we'll use to create an avatar ...

Now use your image editor to crop it out so that it's relatively square in size, and the main subject is as large as possible ...

Resize the image no larger than 100x100, in this case it's 100 wide x 88 high ...

Sharpen the focus ...

We're good to go!

Now email the image along with yer Trad Gang member number to - that's all she wrote!

Terry Green:

TTT again

ttt again



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