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Is it SAFE now? "Photobucket"


I'm a computer idgit but I am wondering if it is safe to go back on photobucket now? Have they cleaned it up yet? I have some pics I need to download on there but I unfortunately have MS stuff and I can't afford to lose all my stuff (AGAIN)!  :(

I've been using Photobucket for years now. Never had a problem with it. It keeps getting better.

I've been using it for years also and it has been great but people posted here that photobucket was hacked and a bunch of folks got a nasty virus. Just wondered if it has been taken care of and is safe to use now.

I must have missed that.

Seems like they took care of it the same day or the next. I started using it the day after the warning was posted and havn't had a problem, other than trying to work out how to fly photobucket.


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