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Like Whip mentioned earlier, I know just enough about this stuff to get me in trouble  :)  I downloaded Ubuntu and burned it to a disc. I ran it from that disc to try it out and wanted to get online with the included Firefox browser. ( I have been using Firefox for years, so am somewhat familiar with it ). I connect to the internet via a mobile broadband card plugged into a wireless router. How can I get Ubuntu to recognize my connection ? I looked at the Ubuntu forums, but couldn't find an answer. Thanks

I answered my own question. After I downloaded Ubuntu onto my computer ( which I did as an application ), it recognized my wireless card. All is well  :)  So far  :)

Rob DiStefano:
Wireless can be the real show stopper with an OS.  Ubuntu worked "out of the box" for me with my HP DV1000.  I just dual booted that laptop with Linux Mint and Mint won't recognize the Broadcom BCN4318 wireless hardware.  Ubuntu is still the easiest OS to use, IMO.


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