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Be Careful on Photobucket Today + using Ubuntu Linux

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This thread has nothing to do with trad bowhunting ....  

.... HOWEVER, the only access to the Trad Gang campfire is via the Internet.  If you can't hack the right path through the Internet Woods, you'll miss joining us here at the trad bowhunting rendezvous site.

Toward the end of page 3 of this thread, the discussion begins to talk of using another computer operating system that is totally free - Ubuntu Linux - that virtually eliminates all hacking, virus and bug issues.  Check it out.


It seems photobucket has been hacked.  When I sign in I get redirected to some sort of virus detection site that pretends to be Windows.  It'll tell you your system is infected with lots of nasties, then go ahead and infect your computer with lots of nasties!!

Be careful out there!

yikes, been there a couple times today but did not have any of those problems, thanks for the heads up!!

Thanks Jeremy!!


Pat B:
I noticed that too. I was wondering if it wasn't just me. I'm sure my computer is protected but it is a pain to deal with.

So is it safe to enter the site and retrieve pics if you have good anti-virus software? Or is it best to stay away until they fix this?


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