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2008 - What a year!

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Congrats looks like you need a bigger frezzer.  :thumbsup:

That is one mean looking pig. GREAT JOB!

Great pics!!!

Congrats  :thumbsup:

Tom Baxter:
Thanks for the kind comments.

The buff and scrubber were taken on the same day.

Bumped into a herd of buff less than 1km from camp.  Got into seventeen metres on the old cow who was feeding with three others from the herd.  She did sense I was there at one stage and there was a stand off of sorts, but fortunately she lost interest in me and resumed feeeding. One arrow did the job and she only made it seventy metres before she pulled up, got the wobbles and expired.  Later that afternoon while my three mates were searching a seperate creek for pigs I snuck up on the lone, feeding, scrub bull. He spooked when I was at about ten metres,while waiting for the angle, but propped broadside at twenty.  I had no cover or decent trees to hide behind if he decided to charge, but I let one go wanyway hitting him a little far back but the shot did enough damage to his vital gear that he was sick and down in forty metres.
Arrow weight was 810 grains with 21% FOC.

A day I will always remember.


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