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First Doe

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This is my first bow kill doe, not that I'm strictly a buck hunter, just seems to work out that way. Also this is the first time I've done the whole thing by myself, blood trail, field dress etc. My huntin buddies always want to join in lol. Double lung pass thru shot, ran about 60 yards. Sharp broadhead + pass thru lung shot = short blood trail.
52# Rod Ham longbow
2018 shaft
150 gr Grizzley El Grande.

Congrats on the doe!!  :clapper:

Congrats  :thumbsup:

Thats awesome! The doe taste SO much better than the bucks, your in for a treat!

Great shot congrats on the accomplishments! I know what you mean about your buddies & blood trails, around here all you have to mention is blood trail and there at least a half dozen people that want to go. Sometimes that's a good thing but sometimes it's not.


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