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Almost lost traditional deer

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Chuckie the dent:
After several misses on Michigan whitetails and a phone call to have his brother return his compound, my buddy arrowed his first traditional harvest. Shooting a desert mulie is no easy feat, especially a bedded one to boot. This deer was shot a 25 yards and didn't run another 20 yards. Only a few teeth remained on the lower jaw. Properly the deer's last year of life. I true trophy and a phone call back to his brother to keep the wheeled bow.


Eastern fisher:
AWESOME.  I would love to just see a mule deer.  I hear that they are so much bigger than whitetails.  I have to travel across 4 provinces to Alberta before a see one.  3000 miles.

Duane Hipple:
Thats me , my buddy chuck was kind enough to post this for me. I shot him at about 2:00 in the afternoon beded under a Palo Verde tree in the Arizona desert.

What a beautiful buck!!!!!  :notworthy:   Congratulations!  :clapper:

Duane Hipple:
Thanks , I took him with a 60# Hoyt GM


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