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Montana Fall...remembering/honoring the animals

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Randy Morin:
First Coyote ever!! Actually got 2 at the same time (called in after spotting them from treestand).  Only one was recovered and I was lucky (hard work) to find this one. 10 and 18 yard shots on the two dogs.


November 12.  Mr. Big made a mistake and I was fortunate (great wife and a sore butt) to be in the right spot at the right time.  Also, the first big-bodied buck I have taken with a bow.  19 yard shot.

Two days later I was sobered-up enough to get my butt outa-bed. This gal took forever as she browsed toward me after a fresh powder snow-fall.  By the time I got a 12 yard shot I was as nervous as could be.  Awesome!!

A few days later I took this picture at 6 yards.  Nice buck for the area but still just a 1.5 yr. old. He's off to a great start and showing signs of some character with a couple of sticker points.

While I was enjoying watching the above buck as he got nervous down wind of me this one came in with a twin, and after a agonizingly slow turn- around-in-the-stand, in a too small, literally quaking-aspen tree, I got a 10 yard tunnel shot through a maze of cottonwood branches.  I had to lean-out and squat down to find a hole...try that with a wheelie-thingy.        :D      

During the late doe-season last week I was hunting some hot sign (deer movement in my areas has been changing rapidly with the snow mounting) and had 3 does come in just after first light.  Just as the lead doe starting to suspect something was amiss the 1.5 yr. old behind her turned broadside to nibble a bud.  A nice calm relaxed shot (for a change) ended with a very quick death and a proud archer.

This just occured to me and may be interesting to some...all of the these animals (except the coyote) were taken using my lonewolf-alpha stand with the ladder sections.  In each case I had never sat the tree and was only hunting hunches and-or hot sign.  Very rewarding for me...
Also...all animals were taken with my very own designed/built hybrid 3 piece longbow, 60" 55# @ 28".

Thanks for sharing with me and a Happy New Year to you all! Randy.

dang you had an exciting year , congrats   :clapper:

Chuckie the dent:

I am pleased to see that your year was exciting. May 2008 be as blessed as this year.

Great photos and thanks for sharing the experience.

Jack Denbow:
WOW what a great year.  :thumbsup:

Dang, How did I miss all that bud?  Awesome stuff and well deserved!

 That left side on your buck sure does stretch out wide    :notworthy:


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