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Ky Fall Slam

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You can legally take 4 birds in the fall in Ky,one of which can only be a gobbler(3" beard or longer).2 of the 4 have to be harvested in a 2 week span then you have the rest of the season to take the other 2.

Got lucky on my first of the season on Sept 20 2007,young hen with my Widow recurve & goldtip.

Then on October 30 managed to make one of the best shots I've ever made on a game animal(27yards) & collected number 2 of the season.Lewis Hollow 3 pc longbow & goldtip shaft.

Was hunting one of my favorite stands on Nov 1 when I had a group of longbeards work around me.I made a real fast shot on one of them almost straight down as they past under my stand.

Dec 16 was a cold & windy day in the blind when a little over an hour into my hunt this samll group of birds showed up & about a 13 yard shot & a 40 yard recovery resulted in my 4th of the season.

There's really no such thing as a fall slam in Ky but I thought the name was appropriate for the way my season ended up...Come on Spring....

Jack Denbow:
WOW.  :clapper:



4 in one season congrats. I would be happy to get one this year with my bow.



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