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Ralph Renfro:
My Three Best Buddies, Mike Hames, John Cooke, and Terry Newman of Norman, Oklahoma hunt with me a lot. It's a 4.5 hour drive to my home in central Kansas but they try to make it as often as possible without causing divorce procedings. This year, 07, all three managed to draw either sex tags and all hunted several times. In early November Mike and John got in on the Kansas rut. Mike grunted in this nice 8 pointer and ended a long drought for knocking down Kansas bucks.   [/IMG]
Two days later, John killed his first ever whitetail with a traditional bow. Mike had reworked his recurve to allow him to pull less since John had undergone rotator cuff surgery three months earlier.  [/IMG]
On November 26th, I was lucky enough to bag this buck with my Sheepeater.   [/IMG]
Terry was finally able to make it up the weekend of Dec 7th-9th. It was brutally cold, windy, with ice on everything on Saturday morning. Terry decided to hunt a ground blind on a well used trail as we had seen lots of tracks there on Friday. Terry had turned down several bucks on previous hunts. This buck came in chasing a yearling doe and Terry decided to take him out of the gene pool. The landowner was happy he chose to do this.  [/IMG]
Wonderful thing is, they were all fast, humane, kills, with none of the four getting out of sight of the shooter. We had a good year for sure. Ralph aka KsBow

Nice deer Ralph, love the Sheepeater! Your buddies are lucky to have a friend like you. Hope the ice doesn't get too thick, we are supposed to get it tonight.

yellow bow:
good job everyone,congrats!

Congrats to all!! Good shooting guys!!


Roger Moerke:
Good job enjoyed the pics of good Ol Ks country!


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