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First Russian Hog

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 I went on a hunt with MBH and shot my first hog. I stalked within 15yds and made a nice quarter away shot to the lungs after several attempts. Checkmate Hunter II 53@28 with ACE 160's and 55/60 chundoos.

Nice hog congrats! Cant wait to go on my hunt that looks like a good eating hog. How much did it weigh?

I was told between 250 and 275. Their weight is decieving until you try to pull em,LOL!

I heard MI had pigs running around I talk to a guy that lives out there by Tecumseh and said hes never seen a wild hog in his life.

There are some running around that I've heard of. I went to a ranch to get mine, but let me tell ya it wasn't easy. They had 700 acres to roam on and they knew what was up. It took me quite a few tries to get in range. This one was popping it's jaws at me, and came running my way once. I love that stuff!!


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