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Snow Doe

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I took this doe(my first of the new year) on 1/26/07 while hunting on the ground. I shot her at about 10 yards with my zipper recurve and snuffer broadheads. The shot took out both lungs and she only went about 50-60 yards before piling up. My first deer ever in the snow with a bow!


Congrats again Chad....I love hunting in the snow too,doesn't happen much around here either....

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Your still Deer hunting in Ohio - Thats great.

If you need snow, I have plenty at my house, also high tempertures in the teens.

Congrats Chad! I didn't know there was still a season open. Mayba an antlerless only or CWD season? Great shot and congrats again   :thumbsup:

Guys, Thanks. Our archery deer season runs until Feb. 4th.


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