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New Year Doe

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The 2006 deer season for me has had alot of ups & downs. But it seems to have all been on the up side the last couple weeks. I have managed to fill a couple antlerless tags in the past 2 weekends.

I hope that this is a good sign for the 2007 season, I took this doe on New Years day with a 58" osage flatbow and tonkin cane arrow with a trade point. I'd like to thank a good friend Dustin Morris for being there to help drag this deer out,, with all the rain lately there was no way to get the truck to this deer. It was a very,veerrry,veeeeerrrrrry long drag back to the farm house across a couple creeks and up and down some steep draws. But it is one of those memories shared with a good friend that will last a lifetime, just another one of the reasons we do what we do  :)  
What did she weigh,you might ask? Every bit of 300 lbs by the time we got her to the truck   :saywhat:    :D

Congratulations on a fine critter!!

Terry Green:
Congrats.....and Best of luck to ya this year!

What an excellent way to start off the New Year  :thumbsup:



Lee Viv:
Nice!  Happy New Year!

Lee  :thumbsup:


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