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The Adventure of Hope and Faith Stalker

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Terry Green:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by LITTLEBIGMAN:
I have a June bear hunt with Manitoba Stick Flingers and would love to take Faith along......
--- End quote ---
Done! me your shipping address.

[email protected]

ALRIGHT!!!!  Go get em, Fellas!!!

God Bless,

Beautiful bows!!

Super generous gift for the kids...

   :clapper:      :clapper:      :clapper:

Todd Alexander:
I'd love to gear up for spring gobbler with Faith in April though I'd only have the opener to hunt with her before I'd have to send her on.  Still she'd bag her limits of stumps and morels in the woods of PA before she moved on.

Let me know and I'll shoot you my shipping address

String Cutter:
Can I please have Faith for Va. April Spring Gobbler Season.?


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