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Wile E. Coyote:
Bill, That is the deer of my dreams! If you ever need a huntin partner,I'm sure that suddenly  Louisiana would seem mighty close to Illinois. Congrats!

Must be the Hat, is that a Boller?


Yesterday was a cold and windy morning here in SW Georgia. Had two doe run across a new clearcut that bordered the property I hunted. They made the mistake of entering a well traveled entrance into my woods. I got to watch them for 3 minutes, almost in a full trot, before they took a right and headed directly to me. A ten yard quartering to me shot. BINGO!

Dang Bill, that middle pic is one awesome buck.

Nice doe Clay...all our deer up here have just about gone nocturnal to stay away from powder burns.

Brute killer:
Dint kill anything on this trip, just walked around in circles.
This ol' Spanish dagger is over 7 feet tall:
Old hog wallows:


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