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3 pc build along

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Here is the original design.My favor



--- Quote ---Originally posted by Jedimaster:
Lookout!  I think Hera's getting inspired!  I hate whatever that was bored a hole in a nice block of wood.  I bet you'll figure a way to use it anyway.  Love to see your work.
--- End quote ---

The wood block I received was defective. It came with a through worm hole. I have to try to use the best of beautiful grain of the wood and avoid the hole at the same time. I think that's what "read wood" means.



I think that worm hole will cut off in window work.( I'm not 100% sure.if not,I can repair that defect)

(( May be that worm hole is a good natural sight bushings hole.  LOL))

Hera, you are "reading the wood" in a wise way.  That hole will either complement the bow, disappear in the sight window or be covered by the rug and strike plate (maybe an insert on the out side for a quiver).  This is a fun build-along.  Thanks for posting it!  :bigsmyl:  


Alway look forward to these.....


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