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Author Topic: New pending Turkey hunting legislation  (Read 470 times)

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New pending Turkey hunting legislation
« on: January 06, 2010, 09:40:00 PM »
Since turkeys in WI are also hunterd with trad archery gear, this will effect you.

There is a new bill pending. It has not yet been introduced but is being curculated. No bill number has yet to be attached.

Under current law, to hunt wild turkey, a person must be issued a wild turkey hunting license with an accompanying hunting stamp and tag. In issuing the licenses, the DNR must use a preference system which gives preferences to residents over nonresidents if the number of license applicants exceeds the number of wild turkey tags that are available for a particular season. Under the system, qualified resident landowners receive first preference.

To qualify for the landowner preference, a landowner must own at least 50 acres of land in a single parcel in an established wild turkey hunting zone. Second preference is for residents who in a previous season applied for but were not issued licenses, and all other residents receive third preference. Qualified nonresident landowners receive fourth preference, and all other nonresidents receive fifth preference. To implement this system, DNR allocates a given number of tags. This bill eliminates the preference system. Instead, the bill requires that DNR issue a wild turkey hunting license and accompanying stamp and tag to each resident or nonresident who applies for the license.  This bill means the turkey tag issued with the license is valid for the entire state. Under current law, the tag issued with a license is limited to a specific wild turkey hunting zone. This bill would elliminate the turkey zones.

Under current law, if the number of tags exceeds the number of licenses applied for, DNR may issue license holders additional tags. Under the bill, DNR may issue additional tags if it determines that is necessary to manage the wild turkey population. Under current law and under the bill, a fee is charged for the additional tags, with nonresidents paying a higher fee. The bill does not change the amount of the fee.

Wild turkey hunting zones; hunting seasons and hours

Under current rules promulgated by DNR, there is a fall turkey hunting season and a spring hunting season. Also, under these rules, the state is divided into seven wild turkey hunting zones. This bill codifies these provisions in the statutes. Additionally, the bill codifies the starting and ending dates and hunting hours for the spring season that are currently in the rules. The bill also requires DNR to promulgate a rule that allows for the registration of wild turkey carcasses over the telephone or by using the Internet. Under current law, a hunter must bring the carcass to one of the registration stations operated by DNR
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