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Terry Green:
I went bear hunting this weekend, wild adventures and experiences to say the least....but those stories will have to wait....

Saturday afternoon around 3:00 I was easing down the right side of a road bed when I saw a doe coming up a bank on my right out of nowhere.  She stepped out into the road about 10 yards ahead and looked right at me.  Get this,...she acted like I wasn't even there...looked ahead and walked across the road and scampered up a steep bank to the top and just stopped and started looking around left and right.....

I eased up the road a bit and crossed over to the left side of the road trying to find a shot, one which I would have to 'manufacture' to get into the goodies under the limbs.  I leaned right, squatted and laid a pretty sever cant on the bow.  After all she also was pretty severe...severely uphill and quartering away...

I drew the bow and released all in one motion and the arrow magically went right were I was looking.

The arrow made a very audible 'slice' sound as it entered and I saw the arrow still in her when she made her 1st leap, then I heard a 2nd leap and then nothing, nothing at all.  So I backed out.

Like I said, I was bear hunting, and was doing so with Tee Bone of Medicine Bear Archery, and one of his Badger Broadheads.  I knew Tee was still at the shooting course and hadn't left to hunt yet so I went to get him to help me as I needed to get back to bear hunting.

Here's what we found 8 yards from the impact....


Here's the angle of the arrow, from the bottom up. (Note the broadhead almost breaking out)...


And here's the reason for the shot placement...


Thanks for all your help this weekend Tee....I had a blast.  We'll have to get after those pesky squirrels one day.     :campfire:

Nice shooting Terry!

Terry Lightle:
You done good

That's awesome!  Nice doe Terry!  Way to let loose!

Congratulations Terry. Great shot !


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