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My First Trip to Pig Paradise!......All Done...

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I've made my way thru this whole thread in the last few day...what a hunt!  Lifetime memories   :campfire:

sunny hill archer:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Terry Green:
If anyone hasn't read this whole one of the best hunts I've ever been on and there are stories inside of stories and some of the best quotes ever heard from a hunt.

Talked to Michael....hope to redo this sometime after the new year at a new local.
--- End quote ---
Locale may be the appropriate word Mr. Green.

None the less... I'm already looking forwrd to it.

Awesome story and congrats. It's so cool when a young man can experience something like this with his dad. The hunts I have with my dad are the ones I remember and enjoy the most. Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed the read.


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