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My First Trip to Pig Paradise!......All Done...

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Guru II:
I'll let Mr.Terry start this because he was there a morning before us. Me and my dad "Guru" will chime in when the time comes.

       I sure do miss SC already...      :campfire:

:coffee:    :jumper:

Sean B:
Oh Cade, Your father taught you well!! and i'm not just talking about hunting and shooting!!  cant wait to hear it buddy!!   :campfire:

Sounds like a great story in the works, can't hardly wait. Congrats on your 1st pig gig.  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

sunny hill archer:

quote:Originally posted by Guru II:

       I sure do miss SC already...     :bigsmyl:    :bigsmyl:    

Been having trouble keeping quiet about this one.


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