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Trad Gang Tshirts are here!!! Pre Order now!Pre Order over April 8th!

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This started a couple days ago, when I decided to do a little something for Terry, as he has done a lot for me and a lot of folks. So I did a design for him just for his use. I've always wanted to do a design with the "salad hat"


Sorry about the pic, Sometimes photobucket won't download my designs      :mad:    

I then thought, man it has been awhile since Trad Gang has done tshirts, and what better design than this to put on one.

Now before I continue, I was and am completely responsible for asking Terry to do this. He just gave me the approval to do it. Terry had nothing to do with contacting me or anyhting like that, it is all my doing.

So anyways, we decided on a color, did a couple modifications, and put it together. These will be on short sleeved for the upcoming warm months. The color is camel and here is a pic of what they will look like. I use a competeitors website design to see what my designs look like, so ignore the stamp     :)    


These will be done on a preorder basis. I will be taking care of everything, so please don't bug Terry about it, he has enough to do     :thumbsup:    

The cost will be $20 for small- 2XL and $25 for 3 XL that includes the shipping to anywhere in NA other countries contact me and we can work out shipping. I am going to try to find some 4X but no luck so far. Please pm me or email me with what size and how many you would like. Email to The pre order will last for 3 weeks.

Rob W.:
That is very cool.  :thumbsup:

Nice idea Ryan.  PM Sent

Mike Vines:
Very cool Ryan.

Cool design, Ryan!   :thumbsup:


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