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Solana 2010

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sunny hill archer:
I reckon everyone is still getting home. So I'll kick things off.

The wet Fall made things tough on us this year. The deer had plenty of browse and were not hitting the feeders as hard. We still managed to have a good hunt though. There were a lot of new faces this year. All that meant was a lot of new friends.

Looking forward to it.

sunny hill archer:
Here are some pics on the 1st afternoon.




sunny hill archer:
Gregg bout needed all those arrows one afternoon...... But I'll let him tell that story when he gets back from Odessa with his son.


sunny hill archer:
My first afternoon was kind of slow.No hogs 2 small bucks and 3 does.

The next morning the wind was squirrely and I only saw a small buck and a doe.


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