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Favorite Memories of the Texas Sweats.......


Terry Green:
There's a lot of Tx Sweat vets out there, and I'd like to hear about your favorite 'hunt memory' and your favorite 'camp memory' if any of you are so inclined.

I know, there are lots and lots of great memories from the Sweat hunts, and it would take me days to tell them all, and it will be hard for many to pick a favorite....but I'd really like to here about just one of your favorite memories in both categories I mentioned above.

My favorite TX Sweat 'Hunt Memory' was from the 2006 hunt.  I had already taken my 1st javie, and was working on getting my 2nd the second evening.  I made a shot after a long stalk on a group in a really scenic area of the ranch.  The javie wheeled on the shot, and placement was questionable as it hit him in the neck.  I could not find hid nor hair of him as darkness set in......

The next morning I began the search again, and reluctantly gave up the search sometime mid morning as another group of javies appeared.  I had still hadn't found any sign of the one I'd shot the night before so I decided it was time to get back on my horse.

I stalked this group for 45 minutes before dropping one in its tracks 15 yards from me.....and when I walked up...this it what I found.....


My favorite 'Camp Memory' was from the TX Sweat 2007 hunt.  Tom Phillips and I had hunted together and taken a double on Angoras the first morning, and we were a couple of miles from the truck.  It was hot, and I said something to Tom about how hot we'd be when we got back...and he replied "The beverages will just be that much colder"

When we got back to camp there wasn't anyone around as I unloaded my angora in front of the cabin I was staying in. I was down on one knee looking over my goat when I heard out of the blue Gary Kellar say "Here ya go Sir"!....and I looked up to see Gary holding out a Tecate with a lime sticking out the top.

Tom was right, that Tecate was 32.1 degrees let me tell ya.  

Thanks for the memory Mr Gary.


My only memory was that I didn't get to go this year. But I'm saving for next year.


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