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It was an honor to have shared this past weekend with great group of guys from across the nation. All good hunts lead into the adventure with preparaton. This one was no different and with many of these guys having never been to Texas it was fun filling them with tales. The hunt date finally arrived and we all found ourselves assembled within the melting pot a few miles north of the Mexico Border, outside of Laredo. The adventure begain and the weekend quickly filled with stories of game sightings, shots taken and fallen game. What a great adventure! I was quite honored to have been asked to be a part of the experience. I'll not soon forget the friends assembled there! CK


glad to hear y'all had fun.  I was way over on the other side of the state but thought 'bout y'all.  Give a list of who's who there.

CK--Seems I have seen some of those faces in the post office.You sure run with a rough group.Lets hear the story as only you can write it.--Bone    :campfire:

Looks like six longbows and three recurves.   :D

Fine lookin' group of tradies.   :thumbsup:

Two Arrows:
Sounds like a good time! Who is who in the pic? Some I recognize, some I don't.


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