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Terry Green:
Please bare with me, and I am covered up with emails, the auction, Hope and Faith coming in, and  Hope and Faith going out, and the death of close friend of the family.  I'll try and update this hunt the best that I can........

Got to The Paradise Friday evening just in time to stalk a loan boar in the White Oak food wet up to my knees right out of the chute...but it didn't work out. It was what the doctor ordered me settled in, and my spirits high for the weekend.

Saturday morning I went on a milk run, and rounded the bend at the west end of the garden(named food plot) only to find it teaming with hogs...and some dandies.

There was one that stood tall, head and shoulders above all the rest. I moved on em up and down the wooded edge and back again. I just couldn't get that big one in range and turned right. It was a bit misty, and there was something about that big one that just looked peculiar, but I didn't give it much thought. But I did notice that he had some serious rake marks and some armor plating.

It was an exciting half hour or so, as there was a sow in heat, and the boys were pitchin all sorts of fits. Growling, squealing, butting, and even a few got tossed around a bit. What a show.

I think one of them got a whiff of me finally, and they made off heading east paralleling a slough. I made a bee line to flank them in an area about 200 yards away, hoping they would tell on themselves again, and I'd have another go at them....

It worked, but didn't work. I cut em off alright, but they all, bout 17 of them waltzed and cussed right by me no more than 20 yards away, but it was so thick I never saw hide nor hair.

I figured with the sow in heat I might hear this bunch again in the afternoon and have another chance at that beast with the coat of armor.

So, I went in for lunch, and to get a bigger bow.....

:campfire:    :coffee:


Gotta love them Big Hogs!

You'all are in for treat......I heard this one first hand!!!


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