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T Green-Blood in Texas

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Just checked phone messages. Terry called to say he'd taken a Doe to start his annual Texas hunt off right. Message said he made a hole in her heart at 18 yards. Zwicky 4 blade made for less than a 20 yard blood trail. Kevin Smith will be meeting up with Terry tomorrow to share in some of the comaradre. Looks like there may be a story to hear when he gets back. Congrats Terry. CK

A big congrats to my bud Terry...looking forward to hearing more about his hunt....Thanks CK

WaKeDa BT:
Good for T. Maybe he'll whack somethin else while he's out there.

Jim Reamey:
thats a Great way to start it off!    :thumbsup:

God Bless!


Brute killer:
Congrats to Terry.
Where are they hunting?


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