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Terry Green:
Went to the cinema this week end....and my what a show.......hope I don't leave out any of the characters.

Act 1 - Scene 1:
Got into my seat late friday evening.  'Miss Running Late' came by and fed at 10 yards but I could barely make our her outline.  Good enough, got just a little time in and an got myself geared for 'the rest of the story'.

Act 2 - Scene 1:
Bout 100 yards away from my same seat in the dark Saturday morn, I scooted a few deer to the left of me...and 50 yards from my seat I scooted more deer to the right of me.  Thought this morning's showing might be pretty interesting.

Act 2 - Scene 2:
8:15 'Mr Spike' wanders between me and the thicket and passes through the red zone in a slow sneaky he's trying not to be seen.  Not wanting to burn a buck tag on a spike...he got a free pass.  Would like to see that doe again.  It was no holds bared on does this weekend.

Act 2 - Scene 3:  
Seeing my breath changing directions into the thicket at 9;10, I tossed out a couple of cap fulls of 'Triple Heat'.  I'd no more than got the bottle back into my pocket when I hear movement in the thicket.  Sounded like a big boar hog cause it was moving a lot of brush....but then I hear 'Mr. Tormented' grunt in the tending sort of way.  He really wanted to come out, but just couldn't bring himself to do so even though I tried to doesy doe call him out.  Man was I ever on point for those 15 minutes.

Act 2 - Scene 4:  
Shuck Shuck Shuck.... 9:40 here comes 'Miss I'm Outahere' straight to my tree and stoped about 8 yards facing me. At 6 yards she turns broadside and I start my draw as she pokes her nose to the left for a whiff of Triple Heat...and with about 3 inches of draw left she lays over for a spin move and leaves the red zone and prances back the way she came.  Man, I really  wanted to get a doe this trip...but it was still early in the production.

Act 2 - Scene 5:
10:14....CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK(in a very guteral sound)liked to have knocked me out of my stand all the way from across the hardwoods.  Meet 'Mr. Wide Body' and his twin girl friends...'Miss Not Just Yet' and 'Miss I Aint Ready Either'.  They steal the show for the next 15 minutes not ever threatening the red zone.  These two gals would get a free pass if they did so for obvious reasons.  They exited into the thicket at a safe distance.

Act 2 - Scene 6:  
10:40 Meet 'Celestial Thicket Ghost'...only showing pieces and parts as it floated through the thicket just out of the red zone.

Act 2 - Scene 7:  
10:50 'Miss Never Mind Me I'm Just An Extra' glides across the hardwoods from one thicket to the other in the safety zone.


Man did I have some good seats...but even Panoramic Theaters have front row seats, and I was going to see if I could get me some.  I did a little pondering, and figured some fine tuning might put me a little more center screen.

Ok, got my popcorn and a soda, and I'm ready for morning Terry.   :thumbsup:  


Dang, you got me spilling my goobers all over the place!

Terry was so excited he was stuttering Saturday....and rightly so. Sorry I missed it bro, sounds like you definately had front row seats for the best show in town. Imagine what it's gonna be like the next 2 weeks.  :readit:

It'll go from PG13, to XXX, then hopefully to R rated for violence and adult language  :)


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