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Just received my twins!  Both are BW 62" TD PLX's.  Osage is 52 @ 28 and the Tulipwood is 60 @ 28.  Their new TD system is the cat's meow.





James Young:
Pretty slick.  Always had a thing for tulip wood. How does the take down system work?

James Young

There is a carbon sleave under the beavertail grip.  The receiving end is cut on the receiving angle of the other side pictured.  Just slide them together, no tools needed.

Their system has no metal pieces that are exposed like other take down systems.  Scrathed up a few bows when transporting them in the take down position before with other TD systems.  It is real slick.


BobCo 1965:
Very nice bows!!!

R H Clark:
I traded for a 62in. 55@28 PLII about 3 months ago. It has become my favorite bow. It seems very forgiving. Now you made me want a Tulipwood.


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