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Made a new quiver

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I made this one from 5 oz oil tan for the body so it’s nice and floppy to grab the arrows then the bottom is lined with veg tan split to stiffen it up a bit and protect from broadheads cutting through so easy. The cuff around the mouth and the pockets are 6 oz Herman oak veg tan. Then everything is laced together with calf lace. The pockets just slip over the strap over the snaps to help keep them from coming undone. But the pouches and strap are solidly removed by sliding the pouches up and undoing a pair of brass snaps. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out.

Thanks for looking


That is very nice looking sir! And functional. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Well done. Are you going to stain or apply antique to it? I make pouches that I saddle stitch, antique, burnish edges, etc. I was given a large piece of veg tan which I am making a back quiver out of. Thought I would tool it also.

Pat B:
Very nice quiver and pouches, Kyle. Your tooling is exceptional.  :thumbsup:

Very nice,  thanks for sharing.  :thumbsup:


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