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Rinehart woodland series coyote

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I recently bought a Rinehart woodland series coyote. I've been shooting it for about a month now and I've never broken as many wood shafts in my life. There is some sort of internal metal frame that when hit will either break behind the point or completely shatter the shaft. This is with POC or doug fir shafts out of 47# to 53# bows. The internal metal frame is just fore and aft of the vitals insert which leaves very little room for error.

Anyone else have the same experience? I'm pretty disappointed with this purchase.

Sounds like an issue I would take up with the Company.

I've emailed the company, we'll see what they say.

Man that's a poor design! That would burn me up!! Thanks for sharing..Ive been looking at Rinehart for some 3D animals this past you got me thinking! How about a thread on Rinehart Targets and peoples satisfaction? Or which ones have no troubles similar to this one?
Today I'm receiving a Rinehart 14"x14"  square target for taking with us camping..I want the Ten point buck and a smaller critter like a coyote or hog but I'm now a bit put off after your experience.

The Woodland series is Rinehart's less expensive line. The inserts are the nice easy pull foam, and the rest of the target is a more dense foam that is more difficult to pull arrows from. And I'm okay with that, I knew it before I made my purchase. What I didn't know anything about was the internal metal frame that destroys arrows. That's what's got me all fired up. The coyote is a small target and maybe that's why the metal is so close to the vitals insert, but if you're not drilling the vitals with every shot there's a good chance you're going to be breaking wood shafts. With a larger target like deer or pronghorn you may have a little more room for error, who knows?
I just bought a whitetail target from Big Shot/Real Wild, we'll see how it does once I get it.


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