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Sofala and Timberhawk Bows 2024

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Awesome all the way around. Congratulations to you and your wife on some beautiful animals!    :thumbsup:

Great pictures and thanks for sharing with us.  :campfire:

Alexander Traditional:
Nice going on all the animals!

I like the looks of that bow too.

We appreciate all the congratulations.  We have been sincerely blessed to experience many adventures together and try not to forget what a gift it is.  We truly enjoy sharing and hope to inspire others to seek out their own adventure when they can.

As to the quivers, let me share how we made them.  We took a travel arrow tube case and made a fabric camo sleeve that the travel tube slides into.  The sleeve has a couple of nylon pieces sewn to it that allows for adjusting the location of a leather wrap.  The leather wrap has a belt clip attached to it.  By moving the wrap into different nylon pieces, the angle that the quiver hangs can be adjusted to your preferred angle.  we place foam/rubber in the bottom of the quiver tube in order to limit movement of the arrows and help preserve the bottom of the quiver as well as help retain sharpness of the broadheads. The inside top edge is lined with soft velcro in order to minimize noise from the arrow shafts moving.

WE use a common shoulder bag to which we can easily attach and remove the quiver.  We have had success using them in North America as well as Africa.  When traveling or caught in bad weather, we simply extend the tube and screw the cap on. 

Terry Green:
Congrats to you both!!!  Thanks for the pics, nice seeing a place I enjoyed for a week.

Congratulations to both of you on some beautiful animals! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: South Africa is a special place!


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