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Sofala and Timberhawk Bows 2024

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My Wife and I just returned from another trip to Sofala Safaris in South Africa. We just can't say enough good things about Louis and his operation. There are many places that a tradbow hunter can visit, but I doubt there is another operation in all of Africa that just seems so accommodating to the tradbow hunter.
Louis Steenkamp, the owner, has a deep appreciation for stickbows and how we hunt. He is always looking at new ways to better accommodate tradbows. He is making some additional improvements over the next several weeks in fact. Yes, other hunters are also welcome. But there is a reason so many tradbows show up at Sofala..
We enjoy every trip there. Louis will personally pick you up at the airport and spend time actually with you if he isn't also the one guiding you on your hunt. The food is fantastic beyond description and usually prepared by his brother. His staff is as good as can be - trackers etc.
As to the bottom line, My wife used a Timberhawk Odyssey 50# and 570 grain cedar arrows. She took a waterbuck and a warthog on this trip.
I used a Timberhawk Odyssey 60# and 620 grain larch arrows. I took a bull wildebeest, an impala ram, a blesbok, and bull nyala.
Africa gets better each trip. If you are considering Africa at all, you owe it to yourself to look into Sofala. The takedown Timberhawk Odyessey bows that Scott makes are also great for travel to Africa and performing when you get there.

My Wife took a warthog and a waterbuck with her Timberhawk Odyssey 50# and 570 grain cedar arrow.

I took a Wildebeest, blesbok, impala, and nyala with my Timberhawk Odyssey 60# 620 grain larch arrow.

Some additional pics

What an amazing adventure! Congrats to you and your wife on a successful hunt for some amazing animals.  :thumbsup:

 I should’ve added that we had numerous near miss opportunities that just didn’t workout.  For example, I had numerous gemsbok come in but never gave me a clear broadside shot.  Likewise, an eland did the same.  This was NOT shooting fish in a barrel.  The animals were wary and alerted to any noise or movement which makes it enjoyable. 


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