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Solo with dog canoe trip

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I really enjoyed this and hope you do too.
A little modern technology but still a good watch.

I am supposed to be asleep, but I had to watch this.
The ads were an inconvenience, but quickly dispensed with. This should have been a PBS or Nature release. What a lucky SOB this was, experiencing the incredible panorama of life as it was left by the ones who bequeathed it, however unwillingly.

I saw the landscape go by, and saw the ones who had seen it first. I saw them live and travel through there, have their harvests and their fires, heard vague voices tell stories in a tongue I could not follow.

What a treasure!

This was well worth the time to watch, although I may suffer tomorrow. My only wish was to see that noble canid scarf down some walleye (the glories of which I discovered at the Tennessee Classic), instead of that insipid kibble.

Thank you for the link!

Killdeer :campfire:

Thanks for the link :)   That was a good watch.  I think, living in Northern BC, its easy to take a lot of things for granted, and his sense of wonder at what he was seeing was refreshing.   He is a great cinematographer/editor as well.

Canoeing and kayaking is an incredible way to see wildlife up close, that I think too few people really appreciate.   

Truly inspiring.  I have kayaked for a couple days, while hunting hogs, but never anything as epic as this.
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What an awesome video.  Thanks for posting it up! :thumbsup:


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