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DIY Simple Hipster Quiver

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Rob DiStefano:

--- Quote from: Maclean on December 17, 2023, 09:59:26 AM ---Rob, what weight leather did you use for the quiver?

--- End quote ---

9 or 10 ounce.  But even 7 or 8 ounce will be fine for a hip quiver.  Bought a few half hides online for quivers and holsters a good decade or more ago.  Always handy to have some good leather on hand!

Reminds me of my first hip quiver I made. I needed a new one, the vinyl one I had was falling apart. It also didn’t hold enough arrows for my liking. So I cut the stitching and opened up the vinyl one. Then my wonder wife made the pattern for me but enlarged it and lengthened it for my 31” arrows. That’s many years ago and a families worth of quivers. But I enjoyed making them. There’s a lot of satisfaction making your own

seems simple enough..thanks for sharing

Rob DiStefano:
A modified version that's longer and a bit more of an upright angle.

Laid out as below, rough side up for a right hand carry, smooth side up for left hand carry.

Cut lengths are shown as 8",10" and 12", and the belt hang is at a shallower angle.  I have enuf leather left to do a slightly modified 10" length and will post the results here.


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