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Off-the-wall skills question about Peacocks

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Hello everyone, I have a weird one for you - I'm in Hawaii where the bird season just opened up and we have some peacocks that we can hunt in a few areas.  However, I can find very little information about hunting them as I suppose it's quite a rare thing for people to pursue.  Specifically, I am trying to figure out if and how males respond to calling as I have a Primos peacock call coming in the mail today.  I know they call, but do the males move when they hear a male vs female peacock call?  Would calling like a male excite another male to defend it's territory or make it move off to find new ground?  What time of day do they respond best? 

Just trying to find any tips I can - Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Saturday is probably my last, best bet to put something colorful on the table!  -Kyle

Well, let us know it went.

Got a lot of peacocks in FLorida. Not protected and not indigenous. I suspect younger ones would be quite tasty. Pheasant family.

I’m in for the info as well. From what I’ve observed, they seem to call the mose in the late afternoon to early evening. They don’t really seem to respond to calling at all, and most don’t seem very weary of humans. I’m talking specifically about city birds, but I would think bagging one would be quite easy. Set up on the ground in an area they frequent, 25-35#’s draw weight, 10-15 yard shot with a 1.5” cut 2 blade should do the trick. I was thinking of a larger cut mechanical Turkey head, but that would require purchasing some and testing them out first. I don’t know if size of the bird would even make a difference, if anything I’d probably aim for a larger hen to start with. Theoretically, anyway..

OK folks I got one!  But I did cheat and use a boom-stick.  So to follow the house rules I cannot share the story here, but if you want to hear how it went, you can read the story here: . 

You can rest assured though that if and when I do catch up to one with a bow, I will gladly tell you all about it here, but it will have to be when the next season opens in November :-/

In the meantime archery opens up for goats in my area, so if I don't fall off a cliff to my doom and neither does the arrowed goat I may have another story for you 'ere long.  -Kyle

Great article, but what kind of gun did you use (pertaining to gauge)? What number shot? How far were your first two shots, and how close was the kill shot? Did you have a choke in the barrel? Asking because I’m trying to figure out how tough the birds are. Well done! Hope you get an amazing mount!


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