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Terry Green:
Thanks to the suggestion by Dale Kuder, we now have a new forum to enjoy and participate in.

We agreed with all the gadgets and technology out there now, that woodsmanship is in jeopardy of being lost.

Lots and LOTS of woodsmanship topics apply to hunters, from scouting, orientation, emergency situations, first aid, survival, and all sorts of other neat 'hack' that we as hunters can use.....

Definition of woodsmanship....

"Woodsmanship can loosely be defined as the essential skillset of the outdoorsman, especially as it relates to hunting. The best woodsmen have extensive knowledge about their targeted quarry. They learn their hunting areas intimately and interpret animal sign almost unconsciously."

So, have a go if you like....

Looking forward to this..should be good!   :campfire:

Great idea for a new forum! And thanks, Dale, for a great idea!  :thumbsup:

This is a great idea!!!!!

Excellent, thanks Terry and company!


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