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The Lenten Season is upon us


Al Dente:
As we enter into the Lenten Season, leading up to Easter Sunday, and Jesus's resurrection, let us take a few moments to reflect as to what it means.
Through the Gospels, we know all that God did leading up to the Incarnation, and then all that Jesus did.  All of this was for us.
Jesus, knowing the path that lay ahead of him, did not falter in his teachings, healings, comfortings, or miracles, all through the scorn, ridicule, and accusations of blasphemy.  Even through the scourging and passion, he never once denied who he was or why he was there.  Again, all for us.  So our sins, as mortals on Earth, would be forgiven, and have a place in his Kingdom once we die.
We are mortal and flawed, but we can atone and have faith in HIM.



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