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prayers please for TG member Ron W and wife

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Ron W and wife could use some positive thoughts and prayers as they were just in a bad motorcycle accident. Rons wife is banged up pretty good and Ron is as well.  not life threatening but many broken bones for his wife and looks like a bit of a long road to recovery. God sped in recover my friend and your wife as well! both Ron and his wife are salt of the Earth GREAT people wish them the very best!

ron w:
Thanks Ken, I’m not to bad, just banged up and road rash. My wife is hurting, broken legs above and below the knee on both legs. Broken hip, and dislocated and smashed ankle. Many surgeries to come !!

Ron, sorry to hear this;  Sounds like your wife will  have a rough time of it;  Prayers offered that she comes thru okay.  Good luck to you both.
Thanks for posting Ken.
Shick in Pa.

ron w:
Thanks Shick, she has long recovery ahead !!

redant 60/65:
Wishing you and your wife well Ron and a speedy recovery  :thumbsup:


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