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Vacuum bagging

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Can you reuse the bags? Would you mind showing some pics of how your hose connects to the bag?

Ritchie, I don't blame you for wanting to buy new. I will say my used pump is probably 10yrs old. Guess I got lucky!
Skeater, I have tried to reuse the bags, but it seems like they always get compromised somehow. It really sucks to try to find pinholes! Might have a better chance for reuse if you used a heaver plastic than 4mil.
Stupid bag won't work if you don't seal the ends and get a port in it!

I sharpened a piece of copper pipe to cut the port. Its nice when it just  barely stretches over the fitting
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The bung adapter has a shallow seat on the inside and I replaced the hard rubber washer with 2 nestled O rings, for more grip on the bag, the outside is a soft rubber washer, hard washer and nut.
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To seal the ends, there are a few options. Some people use a roll closure, didn't work for me. The setting compound tape works good, but the best closure and cheapest/no waste solution is the impulse sealer.
$15 cheap Chinese POS, but its lasted a long time
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Cool Rig you have there Flem...  Love to see someone else using vacuum bagging...  It is so useful in many applications...   I glue up my forms using a vacuum bag...  No screws to worry about being in the wrong spots...  A lot of guys would cringe at the fact that you only got 12 psi going at 25 hg...  Just goes to show you that you don't need a lot of pressure to make a good bond with epoxy...

Thanks Shredd. I concur with everything you stated. I'm always looking for stuff to squeeze, cause it works so well.
12psi sounds so wimpy! I prefer to brag that it generates 1750lbs per Sq. ft :goldtooth:


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