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South Carolina Eastern Wild Turkey

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After many years of trying with missed shots, failed attempts and just bad luck/timing. I finally closed the deal on a mature gobbler (think this one was 2.5-3 yrs) with a recurve/longbow.

It was last day of season for 2018 (5 May 2018) and I almost did not go but went night before to scout and sleep in truck for early start.  I did not find any droppings, feathers, roost sites, dusting sites, no hen yelps or gobbles and could not find where they flew up into roost.  I did notice the neighbor had disc'ed his field and turned under the green grass...and saw a hen drinking from pond by my truck and run back into thick plantation pine guessing was on a nest.

I got up early and was in one of my blind areas an hour before sunrise...just took my feeding hen decoy, left the jakes in truck.  I did take some twine to attach to stake for movement if there was no breeze and I waited.

At first light heard some distant gobbles...then an hour later a couple closer but still a couple hundred yards away through pines it sounded.  Around 8:30am I heard some near the empty field on adjoining property and gave some loud yelps followed by some feeding yelps and purrs.  No response.  Around 9am heard a gobble really responded and got another gobble. Sat down my pot call and grabbed bow in one hand and string to decoy in other.  About 70 yds out a big tom stood in road between two fields and strutted...I moved the decoy and mouth "yelped" and he stopped and craned his neck to look.  Then he jumped into brush flapping wings.  I thought he had a hen there and was trying to mount her.   Few minutes later heard gobble from dirt I yelped back and did some clucks and purrs and cutting...he responded.  This time he came out at 40 yds and had two jakes with him harassing him.  I yelped then grabbed bow and moved decoy.  The big boy was trying to stay between the jakes and my lonely hen...hahaha.  He went after them and back into field on adjoining property they went gobbling...   Finally around 9:30am they respond and pop out about 25 yds away....the big tom and two jakes...pecking at him...I mouth yelped softly and moved decoy and big boy looked at her and then gobbled...jakes were focused on him as he circled wide of the decoy and entered brush on edge of road on other side.
I really started moving hen decoy and caught attention of the jakes finally...they clucked and started towards her as my bow as ready for a jake or a tom.  He saw them make their move and did a fishhook and went straight in to her and broke into a full strut with drumming and spitting.  I wanted to watch the show but after countless times of missing or having them spook and run off...I drew back and aimed for his near shoulder wing bone point...and released.
The arrow hit where I was aiming and I heard the bone pop and then a fluff of feathers as he flopped and tried to get away.  I jumped out of my blind and ran to him and grabbed his neck to end it quickly.  Those birds are tough...and stronger than they look.
I kneeled down as the jakes ran off looking at the decoy and then me and hesitating...I was a mess.  I was hyperventilating...I was shaking...I was sweating....I could not settle down. Years and years of never giving up and not pulling out the shotgun all these years paid off...finally.  Said my thanks....took some pictures...and then loaded everything up with bird on floorboard with AC on full blast and as low as it would go as I drove to taxidermist.  This bird was being immortalized and not I worked too hard and too long...and it was done with my recurve.
Now everyone gave me shit for the pictures with no smile...I swore I was smiling in the pictures but I guess with the flood of emotion in my body, the shaking, the adrenaline....I was ecstatic inside but 1000 memories and emotions were flooding my mind.   This is one to remember...for the rest of my life. 

Game: Eastern Wild Turkey, 19+ lbs, 10 3/4 beard, 1 inch spurs
Date: 5 May 2018
Time: Approx 0930
Weather: Sunny, light breeze, 80*
Location: Colleton County SC, private property
Bow: Blacktail Elite VL (bought used-original owner Joe Lasch)
Arrow: Surewood shaft Douglas Fir with Grizzly Instinct broadhead

That’s a dandy bird , Well done and Congrats Sir...


Sweet, Ron, I'm still waitin' on my first. Lookin' forward to all them emotions

Excellent story, bird and photos! Congrats all around. TW

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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