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New Years Doe

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Sawpilot 75:
After a long season of chasing a couple big bucks and them starting to shed I decided to buckle down and shoot a old Doe. So yesterday about 2:30 in the afternoon she came in with a group of 5 more feeding early with the approaching front. A 13 yard quartering away shot and a 60 yard recovery ended quick. It was over in 15 seconds. A nice quick kill. I used my new Custom River Runner by Chad Holm and a Cedar shaft tipped with a Simmons head did the trick. Happy to have meat in the freezer and start looking for sheds and scouting for this fall. I'll have to add up my hours on stand but I believe this was my 25th sit of the season.



Beautiful doe Aaron, congrats!!   :clapper:

Sawpilot 75:
Thanks Allen! Love the strings buddy.

About as good a season as you could ask for...other than getting one of the big ones but if they are shedding then they'll be that much bigger next year....congrats    :thumbsup:


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