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Ground blind button buck

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I have spent this deer season hunting a piece of property on Wadmalaw Island, SC. The place was crawling with deer but I found the place to be quite challenging to hunt. I have spent the majority of my hunting career using climbing stands and lock ons to hunt the upstate, but this place offered very few opportunities to get in a tree. I did manage to shoot a doe earlier this year while perched on a pine limb, but ground blinds were the name of the game for me this year. I had opportunities to shoot some small bucks early on, and refrained because the owner had mentioned that he would like to let the little guys walk. Fast forward the rather unproductive season to a few nights ago. I set up in a ground blind on a heavily used trail and had 5 does ease out just beyond my effective range. 5 minutes later a pair came back to me and offered me a 20 yard shot. The woodsman entered perfectly and I was able to track her  by the sound of my arrow hitting saplings as she ran off. I could tell she took a hard right toward the marsh. My girlfriend and I took up the track an hour later and we had no other alternative than to bring along two house dogs who would have ripped her truck to shreds had we left them. Little did I know, one of them is an excellent deer tracker. The blood trail was awesome and I let her take the dog to track. We found the "doe" which turned out to be a buttonhead about 200 yards later dead in the marsh; my arrow nowhere to be found. It was getting late so we loaded everyone up and I would have to return later to find my arrow, which I did a few days later. I would have been heartbroken to not have found it because the button buck marked the 6th deer with the same arrow and head, and the 2nd deer Ive killed on the ground with it. It was also great to have Meredith along for her first deer tracking.
Ben the new deer tracker.
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Congrats!  Great Story. I'm happy you have a  new tracking committee. lol


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